Moving Back to the UK

For many British expats like myself moving back to the UK  has proved a relatively straightforward process. I completed the move in August 2011 having spent nearly four years living in Thailand.

I have found that settling myself back in the UK has involved things that broadly speaking fall under the headings of financial, health and establishing a credit history. The latter having particular implications if you need to buy a property, transport or other essentials like insurance by any means other than paying cash. Continue reading

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British Expat-Returning to the UK

Returning to the UK can present several problems for long term expats. Besides making the necessary readjustment to what may well seem an alien way of life practical  issues like re-establishing health care under the NHS and overcoming the effects having no credit history can also seem like insurmountable obstructions to settling back in. Continue reading

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British Passport-Passport Processing Procedure

A new British Passport processing procedure is now in effect. This short video gives full information regarding the changes to where and how UK passports will be issued now and in the future. This is for new British Passports and renewals. It also covers emergency passports(travel documents) too. Continue reading

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The Quick Guide to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions Schemes (QROPS)

QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions Schemes) are a great way for you to enjoy tax breaks and have greater control of your pension fund if you are planning to retire overseas, compared to leaving your funds in the UK. And most importantly, they’re backed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

In this quick article you will discover what QROPS are, the benefits they bring you and potential problems to look out for. Continue reading

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British Passport:Check the Expiry Date

The passport service has just issued a timely reminder to holidaymakers who hold a British Passport to check the expiry date of  the document. While this information was primarily aimed at the annual holiday exodus from the UK it is equally important for British expatriates living abroad. Continue reading

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Regular Health Checks for Expats

Like many expatriates in my age group, because I have had relatively good health throughout my life , I have tended to forget the importance of regular health checks. Only going to see the doctor if I was actually showing some symptoms of a condition. Once I was back on my feet again I resumed my regular lifestyle. A lifestyle that over the last few years has seen me do less exercise, eat more unhealthy foods and generally sink into inactivity as I try to adjust to retirement. Continue reading

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