British Expats Seeking NHS Treatment.

I remember reading an article last year about British expats being denied NHS treatment. The article suggested that the British Government was to bring in legislation that treated returning expatriates like foreign visitors to the UK and effectively denied them free health care except in cases of emergency.

For me this is an area of concern that makes my blood boil since between the age of 15 and 61 I have contributed by paying UK taxes and National Insurance contributions. Now as a pensioner (private) living overseas enjoying my early retirement it would seem that the Labour Government are planning to treat me like a person arriving fresh off the boat with no ties to the UK.

Since I am not resident in the UK it would seem I have been cast adrift from the nanny state that still continues to take a percentage of my pensions in tax. Now since I do not live in the UK and I am therefore not a drain on the countries resources it makes me wonder what they need my contributions for.

Who knows perhaps some of it goes to the NHS that they propose to deny me seeking treatment from.

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