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Back to Dagenham England

Fellow British expat and author of the best selling, “A Yank Back to England,” Denis Lipman has just released his first You Tube video, “Back to Dagenham,England.” You also may remember that Denis kindly allowed me to interview him about his life in the USA.

This interview and my subsequent review of his book have proved popular reading here.

In the video Denis does a short reading from his book, which certainly whets the appetite for more of the same, as he sets the scene with his arrival at his parents home in Dagenham. I am not sure if Denis intends to release the book in audio form but if he does then I think he should be the reader.

So if you have a minute to spare why not pop over to You Tube and listen to the man himself. You may then want to purchase “A Yank Back to England,” which is available here.

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